• The light house is just getting lighter
  • 1152 LED with Ultra Bright light
  • 600g. Super light

On the first dayThere will be lightAn all plants can live..

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We Are Oissio

To photograph means drawing with light, light are the key to create great images. Oissio only vision is to create this great light for great images.

Quality in light

We're always focusing of create the best possible light: Light which have the most power, most intensity and with the easiest controllable shadows.

1152 LEDs

The larges number of High Power LEDs ever seen

6000 Lumens

So powerfull that you haven’t seen anything simular

6500K Color Temperatur

This cool light gives more light than lower temperatur LEDs and your camera will adjust

CRI > 80 Wide gamut

We have carefully selected LED with be best color gamut for our specs

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

- Leonardo da Vinci -

Hard Facts

When asking photo- and videographers what's the most importance factors a light can accomplice the answer all points to one unit – the Oissio Mono!

  • Video photographers uses LED light
  • Power is must importance

  • Still photographers uses LED light
  • Useable preview most importance

  • Outside studio use
  • Portabillity is most importance

We Love Technology

When building a light systems from scratch, we had to consider every aspect.. light quality, color and power, cooling and airflow, weight of unit and materials. All that should be tested, measured and evaluated. Our engineers did everting possibly to build a systems that will work for you now and in 5 or 10 years.


The Power Of Neodymium Magnets

  • 8 12mm * 2 mm
  • 1600 Each lifting 1600 grams
  • 60 Atomic Number Nd Rare Earth
  • 45 N Strong Grade Qualified

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Buy Oissio Square today!

Buy a kit of Oissio Square lamps, and get ready to make great images in no time. Choose between one lamp, a starter kit with three lamps, or the magnum kit with five lamps. Remember you only buys what you need, no power supply, tripod or barns are included. All lamps runs on 12V, and draws as little as 2 amps each. - many has power supply from old harddrives, or similar that will work perfect with an Oissio solution.

  • Oissio Square

  • $750.00

    One Unit

  • Model: Mono Dry

  • 1152 LEDs

  • 6000 Lumens

  • 3 Years Waranty

  • Unlimited Support

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  • Oissio Starter

  • $1995.00

    Three Unit

  • Model: Mono Dry

  • 3×1152 LEDs

  • 3×6000 Lumens

  • 3 Years Waranty

  • Unlimited Support

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  • Oissio Magnum

  • $3000.00

    Five Unit

  • Model: Mono Dry

  • 5×1152 LEDs

  • 5×6000 Lumens

  • 3 Years Waranty

  • Unlimited Support

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